Market Research

We at Neon Vinimay provide research reports for our clients to make investment decisions, our research operations are independent, and we emphasise on self-regulation, avoiding possible conflict of objectivity interest.

Our research team is supported by a pool of highly skilled research analysts, we offer varied reports on markets, products and services.

Our Research Products includesresearch

  • Fundamental Research
  • Technical Research
  • Daily Reports
  • Intraday trading tech calls
  • Intraday Derivative call
  • Directional F & O calls

We also offer Arbitrage Services, which includes:

  • Index Arbitrage - Arbitraging between Index (NIFTY) Futures and its constituents (Underlying Stock Futures).
  • Volatility Trading - Arbitrage between volatilities i.e. between implied volatility of options and forecasted volatility of underlying stock futures.

Customer Care

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